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Roeland Moeyersons

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van Cutsem Wittamer Marnef & Partners​ Roeland Moeyersons

Roeland Moeyersons specialises in business law litigation.

He acts for his clients, mainly companies, when they are faced with disputes that they cannot resolve themselves. He assists them in the context of negotiations, provides advice on the prospects of success of the case, and works with the client to seek a constructive negotiated solution. Avoidance of litigation is always the primary objective.

In cases where an amicable settlement is not possible, Roeland will initiate the appropriate proceedings and supplementary measures (seizures etc.), making use of all available legal options to best protect the interests of his clients.

Roeland has gained particular experience in litigation in relation to:

  • agency agreements and concession agreements;
  • cooperation/partnership agreements between enterprises;
  • liability of directors, and disputes between shareholders;
  • product liability and service contracts;
  • liability of bankers and liability for credit;
  • international contracts.

Obtaining a favourable judgment or an out-of-court settlement is only useful if it can be respected and implemented. In this context, Roeland’s familiarity with provisional and enforceable measures and safeguards of all types (bonds, mortgages and other collateral) has often proved invaluable.

His experience in litigation and proceedings has given him a clear vision of the issues which can lead to disputes between parties. This enables him, when he is called upon to draft contracts, to pre-emptively offer his clients the best solutions when such disputes actually arise.

Roeland has also developed particular expertise in international business law and transnational litigation law. Through his network of contacts in many countries, he frequently acts for foreign clients and assists Belgian customers with projects abroad. He serves as a single point of contact for Belgian companies with activities abroad and for foreign companies operating in Belgium, coordinating all the legal aspects of their projects.

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