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Mergers & Acquisitions / Private Equity

We advise and assist our clients on a wide range of domestic transactions, as well as numerous cross-border M&A and Private Equity transactions governed by established international standards


Our M&A lawyers work closely with our clients to structure, negotiate and deliver a wide range of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, buyouts, equity investments and other transactions involving change of ownership/control over assets or equity.

We assist our clients at every stage of these transactions:

  • The pre-contractual phase (letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, etc.).
  • Legal due diligence.
  • Private auction procedures.
  • Negotiation and drafting of documents (share or asset sale agreements, subscription agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.)
  • Establishing management incentive schemes/ stock option plans.
  • Signing and closing.

We advise domestic and foreign clients (international groups, investment and private equity funds, private investors, SMEs and shareholders) across many industries, including technology, retail, manufacturing, finance and consulting.

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