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Marie-Pierre Donéa

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van Cutsem Wittamer Marnef & Partners​ Marie-Pierre Donéa

Marie-Pierre Donéa advises and assists her clients on matters of direct and indirect taxation.

She began her career as an Inspector at the Ministry of Finance (VAT section), before joining the Brussels Bar in 2001.

She has been a partner at van Cutsem Wittamer, Marnef & Partners since 2013.

Marie-Pierre Donéa provides preventive and strategic advice to individuals and businesses. She assists families with inheritance/estate planning; company directors with optimisation of their private assets; and companies in connection with specific transactions or more permanent monitoring.

Marie-Pierre also assists taxpayers who are undergoing tax audits, defending their interests at all stages of court proceedings, although always encouraging amicable settlement of disputes.

She also advises public authorities, particularly at the regional and municipal level, in connection with legislation. She has participated in the drafting of many texts, including in relation to death duties and registration duties. She also acts for public authorities before the Constitutional Court in connection with annulment appeals and preliminary rulings.

Marie-Pierre is often invited to speak at seminars and conferences. She is the author of many publications and a member of the Editorial Board of the Revue de Fiscalité Régionale et Locale. Marie-Pierre has a passion for teaching and is a lecturer in Personal Income Tax at ICHEC.

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